Links to Physics stuff.

Basic Motion - Kinematics:  This site offers an excellent overview of concepts of motion, including animations of graphs, and study questions with answers.  Lesson 1-4 on this page will help you with Quiz#1.

Position Time Graph self quiz:  Quiz with answers!  Instant feedback.   Note: the answer to #8 on the quiz is incorrect!! It should be 1.1 m/s 

Basic questions about position and velocity graphs:  Questions, answers and explanations.

Velocity Time Graph self quiz:  Choose your answers, then hit correct at the bottom of the page to check.

Relative Velocity Boat on a River:  This page shows a boat moving faster than river current, in the same direction.  By moving over different elements, you get the frame of reference of that element!  Reset the applet and cllick on the "info" box for a second run, and all of the velocity vectors will be displayed as you move the curser over different elements.

Boat Crossing a River:  This page shows a boat moving at an angle to the current.  Vary the boat and river velocities to see how the resultant changes.
Then try to compensate for the current by changing the angle of the heading.